July 11, 2017


Our Team:                           The Team That Can ..

A design team with a wide repertoire of skills and experience.

The technical capability of our team members is our biggest strength.

A group which is carefully selected and trained so as to be individually and collectively prepared to take up even the most complex of engineering problems.

We have –

  • Experienced professionals with years ranging from 2 to 25 years in design.
  • Handysize Bulk Carriers and Fast Patrol Vessels wholly designed in-house and in operation.
  • Professionals with project portfolios ranging from design of Passenger ships, Bulk Carriers,  Fast Patrol Vessels to Submarines, Mobile offshore drilling units and Sub-sea projects to Refineries and On-shore plants.


We sift through the numerous CVs to ensure that only authentic candidates make the cut.

We conduct tests/interviews to ascertain that the candidates possess the required aptitude to perform the assigned tasks.

We maintain the optimum number of personnel to meet the stringent levels of expected accuracy and timeliness of our deliverables.


An internal training program is charted out annually which is scheduled to be conducted fortnightly.

The focus is on knowledge-sharing through presentations, tests and practical exercises in engineering tools.

Site visits are also conducted whenever possible.


Internal documentation & record keeping are carried out through the documentation software ContentVerse. Each saved version of native files can be uploaded and retained in the system.

The correct version of a document is referred always, with minimal paper filing in the department. ContentVerse also includes a technical library.

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