April 28, 2016

Internship Topics

Intake for the 2016-17 is over. Please apply for next year

S.NO. Description
1 Proposal for an inland LNG Barge & Limitations of LNG Barges (Rule study, Brief G.A including basic calculations and suggesting the optimum tank  location)
2 Coastal containers for Indian Coastal transportation
3 Proposal for a Tug with LNG propulsion (Rule study, Brief G.A including basic calculations and suggesting the optimum tank  location)
4 Implication of twin electric azimuth propulsion for commercial ships (tanker / bulker / container / etc..) (design, cost, construction, etc..)
5 LR Spreadsheets for structural calculation
6 Comparison of HCSR and CSR for ST Midship
7 One Innovative design concept of student choice related to offshore / shipping
8 Safety and training manual for LNG fuelled ships
9 Escape plan for passenger ships
10 Evacuation plan for passenger ships
11 Development of spreadsheet for plastic analysis of plating and secondary stiffeners of Helideck in accordance with CAP437
12 Code development for long term response / linear sea-keeping / extreme value analysis (Any programming language – Python, C++ etc.)
13 VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) coding for report generation in Femap
14 Fortran/ DOS coding to generate input file for Nastran
15 HVAC for Passenger Ships
16 Ballast Water Management System
17 Overview of power generation & distribution in ships including the design & selection of electrical systems
18 Electrical Equipment installation & production design criterias in ship design
19 DPS Systems
20 Electric Propulsion Systems
21 Earthing in ships
22 Alarms and safety systems in ships
23 Navigation and Communication systems on ships
24 ACC/ACCU/ABCU notation
25 Hazardous Area Classifications and Equipment installation requirements in Hazardous areas
26 Integrated Plant Management Systems in Ship
27 High voltage systems and protection
28 IBS Systems Requirements
29 Other topics, Please Specify:

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